Mobile Frame Zero 002: Alpha Bandit

Mobile Frame Zero: Alpha Bandit is a component for Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack, the indie tabletop war-game of tiny giant LEGO® robots! Spaceships of the year SC 0245 battle in the orbit of the colonies — present and former — of the Solar Union as Ijad and Free Colonies struggle for independence and advantage! Build a fleet of ships from LEGO® or another building toy, equipping your ships with weapons, sensors, defense systems, and frame catapults to capture your opponents’ High Value Assets — and the very ships of their fleet!

If you’ve never played Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack, never fear! You can get the game now, or you can pledge at the $18 level to get both PDF books. You can also pledge at the $75 level to get both physical books, some sweet decals for your ships, and a sew-on patch to declare your affiliation. There are plenty of other goodies available–like custom-designed LEGO® ships!–so head on over and check it out.

Mobile Frame Zero: Alpha Bandit is LIVE on Kickstarter through April 25th! 

The Bacterionomicon: A fantasy art book of diseases and medications

The Bacterionomicon is the latest project from Nerdcore Medical: it’s an artbook bestiary, with entries for 41 “Lords of Pestilence” (infectious bacteria) and 27 “Apothecary Healers” (antibiotics).

It’s a spinoff from, and expansion of, a card game called “Healing Blade: Infectious Disease Card Battle” – but you don’t need to have played the game to enjoy the book! Part study guide, part RPG guidebook, part beautiful art object, the Bacterionomicon is great for medical students, doctors, role playing gamers, fantasy art enthusiasts, and anyone who  wants a relic of the hidden battle between drugs and disease.

Live on Kickstarter through March 31st! Follow @ThingMake and @NerdcoreMedical for updates!


Permanence: the new album by Deathmøle


“Permanence” is the new album by Deathmøle, an instrumental metal project from Jeph Jacques, author of Questionable Content. Jeph is raising funds to record and master his album in an actual studio, with professionals! Pledge now and you can get the album when it’s finished, as well as rewards like stickers, t-shirts, and tickets to an album release party! HOLY.

Check out Deathmøle’s music on Bandcamp, then head to Kickstarter and sign your life away in blood. Or Amazon Payments, that’s just as metal.

Live on Kickstarter through September 10th! Follow @thingmake and @jephjacques on Twitter for updates!

A Softer World Book 4: Let’s Do Something Wrong

A Softer World Book 4: Let’s Do Something Wrong will be the fourth print collection of A Softer World, and will cover the years 2011 to 2013. The book will contain over 200 strips printed in glorious full color. It’s available in softcover and extra-deluxe hardcover, both signed by the artists. Higher rewards include the previous books, a tote bag, the chance for you and your friends to appear in a strip, and more!

Live on Kickstarter through August 29th!

Follow @thingmake, Emily, and Joey on Twitter for updates.

The Sam and Fuzzy Two-Volume Omnibus!

The Sam & Fuzzy Omnibus is a massive two-volume set collecting the first seven years of Sam Logan’s epic comedy adventure comic.

Available in three increasingly deluxe versions, these giant-sized tomes collect over 1500 pages of comics. Other rewards are available, too, from a Kickstarter-exclusive print and buttons all the way up through original sketchbooks, never before available.

Live on Kickstarter now through August 7th!

Follow @thingmake and @samandfuzzy on Twitter for updates!

Surviving the World: Photocomic Page-A-Day Calendars

Dante Shepherd’s daily photocomic, Surviving the World, now in handy page-a-day calendar format!


Surviving the World stars a chalkboard, a labcoat, and lessons touching on just about everything (science, literature, creeping people out, you name it). The comic is a mix of humor and education combined with complete destruction of the fourth wall. Now Dr. Shepherd wants to bring his lessons to you in calendar form: each page will have a full-color comic, along with neat extras. Check out the Kickstarter campaign to see the other features and the reward tiers, including velociraptor impressions and raisin torture.

Frogs are FUNDED!

SUCCESS! The Boxer Hockey Make-A-Frog Project has reached its funding goal! These frogs are getting MADE!


It’s not too late to back the project, if you haven’t already. You have until Thursday night!

We’ve unlocked the pink frog, Gloria–pledge $75 or more to get a pink Gloria as well as the standard green frog. If you’ve already pledged, you can still upgrade your pledge amount to get Gloria and other wonderful rewards, like a t-shirt, Boxer Hockey books, and original art from Tyson Hesse. Go get a frog!

Boxer Hockey Stuffed Frogs!

Straight from the pages of Boxer Hockey, it’s PLUSH FROGS! Great for tossin’, throwin’, settin’ on stuff or just good-ol’ old-fashioned froggin’ around.


Follow @thingmake and @boxerhockey for notifications & updates!

Click through for a special interview with the man himself, Tyson Hesse … (more…)

Dresden Codak: The Tomorrow Girl and Other Stories



Dresden Codak: The Tomorrow Girl and Other Stories is a book collecting the first five years of the comic strip Dresden Codak! We’ve been helping Aaron design this book for MAXIMUM AMAZINGNESS. He’s issuing the book in two editions: Silver, for fancypantses, and Gold, for the fanciest of pantses.


CURRENT PROJECT STATUS: The book files have been sent off to the printer! clash royale hack 2017 ios We expect orders to begin shipping by August.