What’s This All About?

Who We Are & What We Do

Make That Thing is a production agency for crowdfunded projects. We help artists and creators design, print, store, and ship the things they make — so you can focus on the art. We know that once your crowdfunding campaign is over, the real work has just begun. And we want to help make sure that your backers get what they pledged for in a reliable, professional, and timely manner.

To do that, we work with artists and creators who have an idea for a crowdfunded project. We help them conceptualize and figure out their project’s specs, as well as offer advice and a friendly ear to help figure out the best way to present the project to the world, including choosing backer tiers and designing stretch goals.

Once the project launches, we help promote it through our network of internet pals, and if the funding goal is met, we then swing into action, ordering the products needed, receiving them at our Massachusetts warehouse, and shipping them to backers all around the world.

Once that’s done, we place the product in our MADE THAT THING online store so anyone who missed the campaign can still buy it after the fact.

We don’t want artists to be limited in their ambitions by the fear of not having the space to receive product, or the time, workforce, or know how to ship it. That’s what we do – that’s all we do.

We’re a spinoff of TopatoCo, which has been producing and shipping merchandise for webcomics and other independent creators in some manner or another since 2003. We have two warehouses full of computers, equipment, and experienced people eager to help get your masterpiece out to the wonderful folks who pledged to your campaign.

We have UPS, FedEx, and USPS shipping capability. We have cardboard boxes and shelves and tape guns with all different kinds of tape. We have certificates and insurance and loading docks.

We have a forklift that can do donuts.


What We Want

We want to work with dedicated, creative people who have a product they want to crowdfund. We also work with people who recently completed a crowdfunding campaign, and who now need help getting rewards out to backers. Because each campaign involves a high amount of personal attention and attention to detail, we only take on a handful of projects at a time and only those that we think match up well with the kinds of things we know how to make – primarily comics, books, and games.

We don’t know how to make USB toasters or solar-powered flashlights, so we simply won’t take on Hardware, Design, Video Game, or Fashion projects. Other people are better at that than we are. However, if the rewards for your project are heavily weighted toward the following:

  • Printed materials (books, comics, posters)
  • Printed or embroidered apparel items (T-shirts, polos, neckties, aprons)
  • Novelties and baubles (stickers, patches, bookmarks, foam swords)
  • Other things that don’t involve inventing a new type of manufacturing apparatus

Then we might be a good fit.

(You can take a look at the things we sell at TopatoCo.com for an example of the things we make day in and day out).

Projects We’ve Helped!

These sweet gems of wonderful represent some of the coolest, most amazing things we’ve been lucky enough to help bring to fruition on behalf of amazing creators. Check ’em out!

How To Invent Everything: The Time Traveler’s Guide
Could you rebuild civilization, all alone in the past? Probably not. Not unless you brought this book and bandana with Read more.
Shakespeare’s plays weren’t meant to be read. They were meant… to be played. Hi! I’m Ryan and I’m the author Read more.
This Is Fine Plush Dog
Official plush merch based on the comic/meme that is becoming all too relatable these days. Take the edge off and Read more.
Eat More Comics: The Best of The Nib!
Since The Nib launched in September 2013 they’ve published over 2,000 comics. They want to commemorate their second anniversary with a giant hardcover collection featuring the best Read more.
Twenty-Five Years of Tomorrow: A This Modern World Two-Volume Omnibus
Twenty-five years of This Modern World! Make That Thing is pleased and excited to bring you Twenty-Five Years of Tomorrow, Read more.
Healing Blade: Defenders of Soma
From Nerdcore Medical, the makers of The Bacterionomicon, comes DEFENDERS OF SOMA, a new fantasy battle card game between antibiotics Read more.
Shoot the Moon: A documentary feature film
A documentary about building the biggest thing ever. Coming in 2015 with the help of the Kickstarter community. Twelve men Read more.
Permanence: the new album by Deathmøle
“Permanence” is the new album by Deathmøle, an instrumental metal project from Jeph Jacques, author of Questionable Content. Jeph is Read more.


(It totally is.)

Great ideas come from everywhere, and we’re so down to hear yours. Here’s some handy info you’ll probably want before giving us a holler:

Make That Thing – Complete Services – This is the lowdown on our complete services, which include campaign management, rewards production, and fulfillment.

Make That Thing – Fulfillment – Here’s info about our fulfillment-only service, for people who’ve already run their campaign and now need help mailing a million packages? 

Like what you see? Then contact us via the form below, and tell us about your project. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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