He Is A Good Boy: The Collected Crange!

Hey, man. KC here. Was looking to print this webcomic I did for over three years. It’s a weird one called “He is a Good Boy” about an acorn who is forced to leave his tree and face the uncertain horrors of modern bug society, which pretty much mimics our own but they’re bugs instead (and rocks are alive, too). It pokes a lot of fun at itself and growing up and horror tropes and anything else that walks in its way.

A story about the inevitability we feel like we have to accept but don’t want to like. Going down kicking and screaming if we have to, that kinda stuff. It’s cartoonishly gory and juvenile and that’s what makes it fun to read, if you can stomach that kind of weird thinking. Not for everyone, I get it. But it’d be cool if you’d at least help us get it printed and published, cus I really do believe it’s a good one I tried to make here.

Thanks for helpin’ out if you can. It’s on Kickstarter through September 20th