BACK Book 2!

Collecting chapters 5 through 9 of the serialized webcomic BACK, Book 2 is PACKED with STORY and PAGES that continue our saga from where we left off in Book 1…

Abigail, our un-alive cowgirl, and Daniel, the intrepid druid, make their way through suburbs and ghost towns to stop King Dang and put an end to his rule and ultimately, actually, the end of the whole world too. Daniel’s trying to change that part, but Abigail is learning the best she can for someone who doesn’t understand the concept of sleep. King Dang’s got his hands full with the persnickety Princess Darn trying to figure out his plot and foil his plans, just like the last 25 princesses before her. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten or died trying to get it. When will they finally get to the Kingdom of Goodness and stop the king?! Oh, in Book 3? Rad. We should probably, though, give Book 2 a chance before we skip to dessert.

BACK Book 2 was successfully funded and is now available via Topatoco!

BACK: Book 2


The Continuing Adventures of Abigail, the doomed cowgirl, and Daniel, the druid, as they attempt to make up her mind about whether or not the world should be spared from the end only she can bring upon it (somehow). The King is there too. He’s usually mad that nothing seems to be going his way anymore.

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7x9in, 240 Pages, Full Color, Includes select sketches from KC that he would send Anthony to help when writing just wouldn’t cut it on descriptions and the like.
Additional artwork by John Keogh and Britt Wilson!

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