The Bacterionomicon: A fantasy art book of diseases and medications

The Bacterionomicon is the latest project from Nerdcore Medical: it’s an artbook bestiary, with entries for 41 “Lords of Pestilence” (infectious bacteria) and 27 “Apothecary Healers” (antibiotics).

It’s a spinoff from, and expansion of, a card game called “Healing Blade: Infectious Disease Card Battle” – but you don’t need to have played the game to enjoy the book! Part study guide, part RPG guidebook, part beautiful art object, the Bacterionomicon is great for medical students, doctors, role playing gamers, fantasy art enthusiasts, and anyone who  wants a relic of the hidden battle between drugs and disease.

Live on Kickstarter through March 31st! Follow @ThingMake and @NerdcoreMedical for updates!