Beyond The Western Deep: Volume One!

Beyond the Western Deep is a webcomic by Alex Kain & Rachel Bennett that’s been available for free at, a new page every week, since 2012. Now over 300 pages long with multiple side stories by guest artists, the world of the Western Deep has become a playground for classic fantasy adventure that evokes memories of the Redwall series, Mouse Guard, and dark classically animated films like The Secret of NIMH and Watership Down.

Volume One combines both the Prologue and Chapter One of the story, plus a foreword by Redwall artist Sean Rubin, an extras section with concept art and commentary, and a guest art section featuring the work of Mouse Guard creator David Petersen, Runners creator and The Tick artist Sean Wang, and Jerome Jacinto, whose art can be found in games like Armello, Tooth & Tail, and more. This is the definitive version of Volume One: a hefty, collector-worthy hardcover packed with cool extras and more than ready to assume a prominent location on your graphic novel bookshelf!

We’re offering two variants of the book: a regular hardcover edition and a special edition with an alternate cover. Other rewards include an enamel pin set, a brand-new print, and a limited number of art commissions! Check out Beyond the Western Deep on Kickstarter, now through October 5th!