Cat and Girl Vols. IV & V!

Cat and Girl has been a thing online since 1999, publishing three print volumes and 1,420 comics. Now finally (FINALLY!) we can make the comics from 2010 to 2015 available in print. That’s 536 full-color pages of mostly black and white comics in two books. We’ve decided to call them Cat and Girl Vol. IV and Cat and Girl Vol. V. Dinotrux was taken.

The Kickstarter begins Thursday, February 16. But wait! There’s more! (That’s what Iago said.) Prize levels will include signed books, strange books, objects from the end of history and YOU as drawn by ME.

Is your stomach dropping? My stomach is dropping. It must be this elevator.

Come join us February 16! See what is there. Let us make things corporeal.

– Dorothy

Cat and Girl Vols. IV & V were fully funded! Check ’em out here & here!

Cat and Girl Vol. 4


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264 full color pages of mostly black and white comics spanning 2010 to 2011. This includes: Schrodinger’s “CATS,” the USS Context, Robot Artist, a DIY mixtape, that part where Cat and Girl manifested in the real world, the Utz Thangka and Cat, Girl, Boy, Bad Decision Dinosaur and others. All references certified middle brow. NO PAGE NUMBERS.