Possum Plushes!

Get your very own possum plush! On Kickstarter through April 10th! 

Vattu: The Tower and the Shadow

My name is Evan! I’ve been creating and self-publishing fantasy-adventure comics online and in print since 2006. For the past eight years, I’ve been working primarily on Vattu, an enormous graphic novel series about a girl captured by an empire.

I’m running this Kickstarter to finally print the THIRD collection of this story, containing almost 400 pages of the comic. All of the contents of this book are finished; all that’s left to do is get the books printed. This Kickstarter is the place to preorder the third book of Vattu, or get the entire series so far. Thank you for helping make this possible!

Check out Vattu: The Tower & The Shadow on Kickstarter through November 17th! 

Beyond the Western Deep Volume One!

Beyond the Western Deep is a webcomic that we’ve been publishing for free online at www.westerndeep.net, a new page every week, since 2012. Now over 300 pages long with multiple side stories by guest artists, the world of the Western Deep has become a playground for classic fantasy adventure that evokes memories of the Redwall series, Mouse Guard, and dark classically animated films like The Secret of NIMH and Watership Down.

Volume One combines both the Prologue and Chapter One of the story, plus a foreword by Redwall artist Sean Rubin, an extras section with concept art and commentary, and a guest art section featuring the work of Mouse Guard creator David Petersen, Runners creator and The Tick artist Sean Wang, and Jerome Jacinto, whose art can be found in games like Armello, Tooth & Tail, and more. This is the definitive version of Volume One: a hefty, collector-worthy hardcover packed with cool extras and more than ready to assume a prominent location on your graphic novel bookshelf!

We’re offering two variants of the book: a regular hardcover edition and a special edition with an alternate cover. Other rewards include an enamel pin set, a brand-new print, and a limited number of art commissions! Check out Beyond the Western Deep on Kickstarter, now through October 5th! 

Surviving the World: A Photocomic Education: “Best Of” Book

Hello there! Grab a seat, and let’s call class into session for one last time, and I’ll tell you what this is all about.

I’m Dante Shepherd. For the last ten years, I’ve been producing Surviving The World, a daily photocomic with a chalkboard and labcoat and lessons touching on just about everything (science, literature, creeping people out, you name it). The comic is a mix of humor and education combined with complete destruction of the fourth wall. STW has been used in classrooms as a teaching material, for a wedding proposal, as a daily mantra, and it’s funny, too!

It started in 2008, and now, ten years later, it’s coming to an end of June 1st. So to celebrate the end, we’re pulling together a “best of” book collection, featuring 300 of the best comics from the 3500+ that have been made in the last ten years.

Rewards include the book, a personalized lesson, and a cool brain-shaped USB drive containing the entire run of the comic! The Best Of Surviving The World is live on Kickstarter through June 1st. Check it out now! 

BACK Book 2!

Collecting chapters 5 through 9 of the serialized webcomic BACK, Book 2 is PACKED with STORY and PAGES that continue our saga from where we left off in Book 1…

Abigail, our un-alive cowgirl, and Daniel, the intrepid druid, make their way through suburbs and ghost towns to stop King Dang and put an end to his rule and ultimately, actually, the end of the whole world too. Daniel’s trying to change that part, but Abigail is learning the best she can for someone who doesn’t understand the concept of sleep. King Dang’s got his hands full with the persnickety Princess Darn trying to figure out his plot and foil his plans, just like the last 25 princesses before her. Unfortunately, most people have forgotten or died trying to get it. When will they finally get to the Kingdom of Goodness and stop the king?! Oh, in Book 3? Rad. We should probably, though, give Book 2 a chance before we skip to dessert.

We have a new, KS-exclusive enamel pin, too! Come see! Live on Kickstarter through March 29th! 

Tamberlane Chapter 2!

Belfry is forgetful, accident-prone, and not really ready for responsibility, but a snap decision to take in a young, abandoned creature will change her life forever.

In Treehollow, Belfry is well known as the bat with a heart of gold and penchant for accidents. All the residents love her and fear her in equal measures. So of course when she literally stumbles across a strange creature who seems to be some kind of abandoned kit, she wants to care for it… but is she truly up to the task? Or will it die a horrifying, accident-related death?

Tamberlane is rated PG for non-sexual nudity, comedic violence, and references to salty language. It’s an ongoing webcomic which you can read here for FREE!

If you like: 

  • Redwall
  • Beatrix Potter
  • Wolf Children
  • Once Upon a Forest
  • Pogo
  • Bone
  • Jungle Book
  • Winnie the Pooh

… you’ll like Tamberlane!

Check it out on Kickstarter through March 3rd! 

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff and the Quest for the Missing Spoon

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff and the Quest for the Missing Spoon. By Andrew Hussie, KC Green, and Dril. Yes, that Dril.

128 pages, hardcover, full of nonsense. Additional rewards include enamel pins, stickers, a fidget spinner, and a bottle of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff-brand barbecue sauce. Live on Kickstarter through December 17th. 

The Property of Hate, Volume 2!

Announcing our newest book project: The Property of Hate, Volume 2!

The Property of Hate is an ongoing webcomic by Sarah Jolley. The story covers the adventures of a hero (named Hero), a young girl from Manchester who is recruited by a monster called RGB; a rather dapper chap with a television for a head. Sound fun? It is! Well. Mostly. It’s also a little bit scary, a lot of bit surreal, and with a certain amount of sadness mixed in. But why take our word for it? You can read the whole thing for free!

Volume 2 will pick up where Volume 1 left off and will contain seven chapters (ending at the close of the chapter ‘Hoofers’). It will be a handsome, glossy A4 sized book with a brand spanking new cover design and some sneaky little extras in the back, including a translator page for one of the characters who speaks in morse code! Our one and only stretch goal is a big one: to reprint Volume 1!

We have some cool other rewards, too, like stickers, pins, and postcards. Check out The Property of Hate: Volume 2, live on Kickstarter through November 8th! 

Questionable Content Volume 6!

Questionable Content is a long-running internet comic strip about robots, romance, and butt jokes. It started in 2003 and has over 3000 full-color comic strips available to read for free online at www.questionablecontent.net.

We’ve been making print editions for the past few years, and it’s time for the sixth volume, collecting comics 1500-1799. The book will be a full-color, 5×7″ collection featuring all-new commentary on each strip as well as some other cool bonus material. There’s lots of Marigold being awkward in this one. Hannelore and Sven go on a date! Faye makes out with Angus a bunch and is VERY ANGSTY. There’s a Roomba with a jet engine. It’s a pretty good time.

Rewards include the book, some new cute bookmarks, and signed or sketched-in bookplates! We also have some really cool stretch goals. Check out Questionable Content Volume 6, live on Kickstarter through May 12th!