Permanence: the new album by Deathmøle

“Permanence” is the new album by Deathmøle, an instrumental metal project from Jeph Jacques, author of Questionable Content. Jeph is raising funds to record and master his album in an actual studio, with professionals! Pledge now and you can get the album when it’s finished, as well as rewards like stickers, t-shirts, and tickets to an album release party! HOLY.

Check out Deathmøle’s music on Bandcamp, then head to Kickstarter and sign your life away in blood. Or Amazon Payments, that’s just as metal.

Deathmøle: Permanence (Compact Disc) – SIGNED!



1. College 06:11
2. No Thanks 05:01
3. Nothing Is Permanent 05:58
4. Snow In Sun 05:38
5. Distance Bursting Distance Into Clouds 06:15
6. Everything Is Permanent 07:59
7. Acceptance 12:14

Featuring album artwork by John Keogh!