This Is Fine Plush Dog

Official plush merch based on the comic/meme that is becoming all too relatable these days. Take the edge off and hug a boy.

This certainly is fine!
From that far away year of 2013 comes a set of images so powerful, it stayed relevant for 3 more years and possibly beyond. I, for one, hope there’ll be a day when we no longer have to look for the dog on fire to support our feelings, but until that day comes, maybe a nice big plush of the boy will help.

Was this handsome, cuddly fella funded? OH BOY, WAS HE EVER! And guess what? You can get your own via TopatoCo RIGHT THIS VERY INSTANT.

This is Fine Plush Dog


It’s really here! You’ve seen Question Hound all over the internet, eternally burning. Now you can buy him and have a friend that you can hug whenever you want and is a constant reminder of just how perpetually near the precipice of devastation we all are. From this comic that is about you.


Plush Info: about 12″ tall, 100% polyester, non-flammable, made in China in ICTI-CARE certified facilities. All dogs come pre-melted.