Can I run a campaign and then have Make That Thing just ship all my stuff out afterward?

Yes! We also offer fulfillment-only service, if that’s more your speed. We have another brochure that outlines how it works on our site.

What if I want to make five thousand books?

That’s great! Any amount of product you want to make that exceeds the Kickstarter orders is paid for out of your share of the profit. So if backers pledge for 3,000 books, and you want 2,000 to sell on your own, we only calculate 60% of the printing cost as before-profit expenses. This might sound confusing, but don’t worry. We’re here to help make everything clear.

Do I have to wait until everything’s shipped before I see any money from the campaign?

No! You’ll receive the money as soon as the campaign is over, and pay us our administration fee upfront. Then we’ll forward vendor bills to you for payment, and invoice you for shipping and handling. When it’s all done, we’ll invoice you for our take of the profit.

Am I stuck with Make That Thing/TopatoCo forever?

Once your campaign’s over and your products are shipped to backers, if you’d rather take your things elsewhere, we’re happy to ship them anywhere you like (we’ll bill you for the freight).

Do you offer library or wholesale rates? 

We sure do! Send us a note with your credentials and we’ll be happy to work with you!

Any other questions? Let us know! Now…let’s go