How To Invent Everything: The Time Traveler’s Guide

Could you rebuild civilization, all alone in the past? Probably not. Not unless you brought this book and bandana with you, that is. From the illustrious mind of Ryan North comes “How to Invent Everything: The Time Traveler’s Guide“! Let’s give the mic to Ryan…

Over the course of the past few years, I’ve collected all the science, engineering, mathematics, art, music, philosophy, facts, and figures you’d need for even the most clueless time traveler to build a civilization from the ground up, and I’ve put it all into this book / extremely fashionable accessory. Your new world will be one in which humanity matured quickly and efficiently, instead of doing what we did (which, to be specific, was spending 200,000 years stumbling around without language, thinking disease was caused by weird smells, and living completely oblivious to the fact that tying a rock to a string would unlock navigating the entire world). It’s a deeply researched guide and ridiculously funny history of the key technologies and innovations that made each stage of human civilization possible (from writing and farming to buttons and birth control), and it will make you smarter, more competent, and completely prepared to thrive – at any point in history.

And if you don’t have room for a whole book in your temporal carry-on, you can still carry the highlights with your new attractively-designed and information-dense time travel bandana – enough to create a technological civilization from first principles. It’s chock full of civilization-building information that’s great to keep around in your back pocket…or wrapped around the top of your head.

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