Irregular Webcomic: Burning Down The Alehouse

Hi, I’m David Morgan-Mar! I’ve been making Irregular Webcomic! since 2002. Finally, after 13 years, it’s time for the first print collection! This book collects the first 500 strips of the Fantasy theme (up to the hiatus period beginning in 2013).

Join Lambert the merchant, Alvissa the elf, Mordekai the loveable rogue, Kyros the fire wizard, Draak the lizard man, and Dwalin the dwarf, as they travel across the land, destroying taverns, telling awful puns, and – eventually – completing their first epic quest.

The book will be paperback, 140 pages, 8.5×11 inches. It includes:

  • The first 500 Fantasy comic strips from IWC #3 to #3191.
  • New expanded character biographies.
  • A previously unseen map of the Fantasy world by a professional fantasy/gaming cartographer.
  • All-new cover art by long-time IWC fan artist Andrew Bird.

In addition to the book, there’s a lot of original art up for grabs! Check out Irregular Webcomic: Burning Down The Alehouse, on Kickstarter!