Literally Everything Is Outside My Comfort Zone, a Muddlers Beat collection by Tony Breed

Presenting Muddlers Beat comics very first collection edition, the continuation of the popular web comic Finn and Charlie Are Hitched! This LGBTQ-focused, slice-of-life comic strip is about a group of friends just muddling through life (aren’t we all?). They deal with small questions like: do I like my job? What am I doing at a sperm bank? How do I meet guys? All in the service of the big questions, like who am I, and what kind of person do I want to be? Literally Everything Is Outside My Comfort Zone will be a full-color, 60-page, offset-printed, perfect-bound trade paperback. It’s going to look real swank. You’ll like it.

Besides the book, there are rewards available like original watercolor paintings and a cameo appearance in a future comic! Check it out, live on Kickstarter through April 2nd!