The Property of Hate, Volume 2!

Announcing our newest book project: The Property of Hate, Volume 2!

The Property of Hate is an ongoing webcomic by Sarah Jolley. The story covers the adventures of a hero (named Hero), a young girl from Manchester who is recruited by a monster called RGB; a rather dapper chap with a television for a head. Sound fun? It is! Well. Mostly. It’s also a little bit scary, a lot of bit surreal, and with a certain amount of sadness mixed in. But why take our word for it? You can read the whole thing for free!

Volume 2 will pick up where Volume 1 left off and will contain seven chapters (ending at the close of the chapter ‘Hoofers’). It will be a handsome, glossy A4 sized book with a brand spanking new cover design and some sneaky little extras in the back, including a translator page for one of the characters who speaks in morse code! Our one and only stretch goal is a big one: to reprint Volume 1!

We have some cool other rewards, too, like stickers, pins, and postcards. Check out The Property of Hate: Volume 2, live on Kickstarter through November 8th! 

Questionable Content Volume 6!

Questionable Content is a long-running internet comic strip about robots, romance, and butt jokes. It started in 2003 and has over 3000 full-color comic strips available to read for free online at

We’ve been making print editions for the past few years, and it’s time for the sixth volume, collecting comics 1500-1799. The book will be a full-color, 5×7″ collection featuring all-new commentary on each strip as well as some other cool bonus material. There’s lots of Marigold being awkward in this one. Hannelore and Sven go on a date! Faye makes out with Angus a bunch and is VERY ANGSTY. There’s a Roomba with a jet engine. It’s a pretty good time.

Rewards include the book, some new cute bookmarks, and signed or sketched-in bookplates! We also have some really cool stretch goals. Check out Questionable Content Volume 6, live on Kickstarter through May 12th! 

Cat and Girl

Cat and Girl. Cat and Girl! Cat and Girl has been a thing online since 1999, publishing three print volumes and 1,420 comics. Now finally (FINALLY!) we can make the comics from 2010 to 2015 available in print. That’s 536 full color pages of mostly black and white comics in two books. We’ve decided to call them Cat and Girl Vol. IV and Cat and Girl Vol. V. Dinotrux was taken.

The Kickstarter begins Thursday February 16. But wait! There’s more! (That’s what Iago said.) Prize levels will include signed books, strange books, objects from the end of history and YOU as drawn by ME.

Is your stomach dropping? My stomach is dropping. It must be this elevator.

Come join us February 16! See what is there. Let us make things corporeal.

– Dorothy

still_cover4_small     still_cover5_small

Xylaria of the Cloud Forests of Ecuador

Presenting Make That Thing’s first-ever campaign to fund original scientific research!

The Xylaria of the Cloud Forests of Ecuador will be a beautiful hardcover guide to the identification and classification of the fungal genus Xylaria from the Ecuadorian cloud forests, one of the most biodiverse places on earth. It will include nearly 50 species of Xylaria and be fully illustrated with gorgeous, traditional botanical illustrations showing these fungi in their true glory. This will be the most significant taxonomic work on this group of fungi in almost a quarter of century, and the first ever such work to be fully illustrated. It will be essential to anyone interested in tropical fungi, and anyone that loves traditional illustration.

This exciting campaign will fund the time and travel necessary to document these fungi. Rewards, besides the beautiful taxonomic guide, include a bandana illustrated with an exclusive Xylaria fungi paisley pattern, postcards featuring illustrations and photographs of Xylaria, and a t-shirt with Xylaria illustrations–the most fashionable way to cover yourself in fungi. Check out the campaign today, live on Kickstarter through July 22nd! 

Benign Kingdom 2016!

Benign Kingdom is an art book publishing project, and we’d like to put together a series of classy books featuring art by four wonderful artists working in comics and illustration!


This is our fourth series of art books, and first since 2013. Our TRIUMPHANT RETURN to publishing classy, art-focused books by great creators in the worlds of independent comics and illustration.

Benign Kingdom 2016 is LIVE on Kickstarter through June 29th! 

Surviving The World 2017 Page-A-Day Calendars!


I’m Dr. Dante Shepherd. For the past eight years, I’ve been producing Surviving The World, a daily photocomic with a chalkboard and labcoat and lessons touching on just about everything (science, literature, creeping people out, you name it). The comic is a mix of humor and education combined with complete destruction of the fourth wall. In my real life, I’m an actual professor, and in STW, I pretend to be.  And the comic is a whole lot funnier!

Page-a-day calendars?

We previously made a page-a-day calendars for 2014 through a Kickstarter, and they came out friggin’ amazing.  6.25 inches by 6.25 inches, weighty, full color, utterly beautiful. So we’re making new ones for 2017!

Besides a comic, on each page you get:

  • a fake international holiday inspired by a real historical event for every single day of the year!
  • a rudimentary word-of-the-day, basically making your calendar two-calendars-in-one, but in this case, we reaffirm the quality of your present vocabulary!  Who needs to learn new words when you’re already good at words!
  • a cloud name for each day of the year! Hurricane centers tell you what hurricanes are called and some weather channels tell you what winter storms are called, but this calendar goes even further and unilaterally tells you what the clouds themselves are named!

What are some of the other rewards?

  • Recognition on the Surviving the World site itself! (And you’ll even get a nickname of questionable coolness!)
  • A PDF form of the 2017 calendar!
  • A hard copy of the 2017 calendar!
  • A leftover hard copy of the 2014 calendar!
  • Magnets depicting classic STW mazes to help hang up the pages of the calendar that you display!

And many more, including some custom/one-of-a-kind items! Head over to Kickstarter now to see what’s available and pledge for your very own calendar! 

Chester 5000: Isabelle and George


Announcing Chester 5000: Isabelle and George! From the creator, Jess Fink:


Chester 5000 is a web comic I’ve been working on for almost 10 years! I’ve completed many other comics in that time, like my autobiography with time travel, We Can Fix It, and several stories for the critically acclaimed Smut Peddler erotic comics anthology. Chester holds a very special place in my heart, which is why I think it deserves to be collected in the best book possible. The first Chester 5000 book was published by Top Shelf and they did a gorgeous job. I want the second book to be just as great, maybe even better, that’s why I’ve come to Kickstarter and to you!


The first volume told the story of Pricilla, a Victorian woman with needs, who falls in love with Chester, a robot made by her husband, Robert. It’s a romance with sci fi elements about empowering women’s desire. The book was critically acclaimed and pages from it have been featured at the Museum of Sex in NYC.


The second chapter of Chester, Isabelle and George, continues the adventure and explores the character’s first meetings. It follows Isabelle, a lonely orphan, reprimanded at every turn by her strict matron, and George, a promising inventor on the cusp of a brilliant invention. It’s a romance with dramatic twists about secret desire, industrial corruption, and the oppressive social prisons that get in the way of love.


The book will be hard cover, 175 pages. We’ve also got some great rewards like sexy ebooks, tote bags, stickers, and enamel pins.


Check out Chester 5000 now! On Kickstarter through May 20th! 

Irregular Webcomic: Burning Down The Alehouse


Hi, I’m David Morgan-Mar! I’ve been making Irregular Webcomic! since 2002. Finally, after 13 years, it’s time for the first print collection! This book collects the first 500 strips of the Fantasy theme (up to the hiatus period beginning in 2013).

Join Lambert the merchant, Alvissa the elf, Mordekai the loveable rogue, Kyros the fire wizard, Draak the lizard man, and Dwalin the dwarf, as they travel across the land, destroying taverns, telling awful puns, and – eventually – completing their first epic quest.

The book will be paperback, 140 pages, 8.5×11 inches. It includes:

  • The first 500 Fantasy comic strips from IWC #3 to #3191.
  • New expanded character biographies.
  • A previously unseen map of the Fantasy world by a professional fantasy/gaming cartographer.
  • All-new cover art by long-time IWC fan artist Andrew Bird.

In addition to the book, there’s a lot of original art up for grabs! Check out Irregular Webcomic: Burning Down The Alehouse, LIVE on Kickstarter through April 28th! 

Literally Everything Is Outside My Comfort Zone, a Muddlers Beat collection by Tony Breed

Presenting: the first collected volume of Muddlers Beat comics. Muddlers Beat is a continuation of the popular web comic Finn and Charlie Are Hitched, and it’s an LGBTQ-focused, antic comedy slice-of-life comic strip about a group of friends just muddling through life, like we all do. They deal with small questions like: do I like my job? What am I doing at a sperm bank? How do I meet guys? All in the service of the big questions, like who am I, and what kind of person do I want to be? Literally Everything Is Outside My Comfort Zone will be a full-color, 60-page, offset-printed, perfect-bound trade paperback. It’s going to look real swank. You’ll like it.

Besides the book, there are rewards available like original watercolor paintings and a cameo appearance in a future comic! Check it out, live on Kickstarter through April 2nd!