The Property of Hate, Volume 2!

Announcing our newest book project: The Property of Hate, Volume 2!

The Property of Hate is an ongoing webcomic by Sarah Jolley. The story covers the adventures of a hero (named Hero), a young girl from Manchester who is recruited by a monster called RGB; a rather dapper chap with a television for a head. Sound fun? It is! Well. Mostly. It’s also a little bit scary, a lot of bit surreal, and with a certain amount of sadness mixed in. But why take our word for it? You can read the whole thing for free!

Volume 2 will pick up where Volume 1 left off and will contain seven chapters (ending at the close of the chapter ‘Hoofers’). It will be a handsome, glossy A4 sized book with a brand spanking new cover design and some sneaky little extras in the back, including a translator page for one of the characters who speaks in morse code! Our one and only stretch goal is a big one: to reprint Volume 1!

We have some cool other rewards, too, like stickers, pins, and postcards. Check out The Property of Hate: Volume 2, live on Kickstarter through November 8th! 

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