Surviving The World 2017 Page-A-Day Calendars!

I’m Dr. Dante Shepherd. For the past eight years, I’ve been producing Surviving The World, a daily photocomic with a chalkboard and lab coat and lessons touching on just about everything (science, literature, creeping people out, you name it). The comic is a mix of humor and education combined with the complete destruction of the fourth wall. In my real life, I’m an actual professor, and in STW, I pretend to be.  And the comic is a whole lot funnier!

Page-a-day calendars?
We previously made a page-a-day calendars for 2014 through a Kickstarter, and they came out friggin’ amazing.  6.25 inches by 6.25 inches, weighty, full color, utterly beautiful. So we’re making new ones for 2017!
Besides a comic, on each page you get:

  • a fake international holiday inspired by a real historical event for every single day of the year!
  • a rudimentary word-of-the-day, basically making your calendar two-calendars-in-one, but in this case, we reaffirm the quality of your present vocabulary!  Who needs to learn new words when you’re already good at words!
  • a cloud name for each day of the year! Hurricane centers tell you what hurricanes are called and some weather channels tell you what winter storms are called, but this calendar goes even further and unilaterally tells you what the clouds themselves are named!

What are some of the other rewards?

  • Recognition on the Surviving the World site itself! (And you’ll even get a nickname of questionable coolness!)
  • A PDF form of the 2017 calendar!
  • A hard copy of the 2017 calendar!
  • A leftover hard copy of the 2014 calendar!
  • Magnets depicting classic STW mazes to help hang up the pages of the calendar that you display!

And many more, including some custom/one-of-a-kind items! Check out the successful Kickstarter!