Three Panel Soul: Book Three

Hi, we’re Ian McConville and Matt Boyd. We’ve been publishing our comic strip Three Panel Soul online for over eleven years now. We’ve printed two volumes of our collected comics and now we’re Kickstarting the printing of the third.

When we started Three Panel Soul, we wanted to make something that could support whatever we wanted to do. The comics run the gamut from storylines about a disillusioned mage in an office job, to one-off autobio strips, to dumb video game jokes. The only rule we set for ourselves was that the comics could only be three panels. It’s a good number of panels to have, we think.

So, for our third volume, we thought it would be good to have three times the number of comics as the first two volumes, up to a total of 300. It really fits the theme.

It’s going to be our biggest volume yet, covering the comics published online from late October 2011 to February 2018. But printing costs money. That’s where Kickstarter comes in! Kickstarter has long been a great platform for comics raising funds for projects, and we’re happy to be using it for the first time.

But don’t worry, we won’t be running this alone as Kickstarter novices. For our publishing and distribution, we’re working with the legendary webcomic distribution company TopatoCo. TopatoCo has handled our merchandise since the beginning of the comic and we’re proud to be supported by their experienced Kickstarter arm, Make That Thing!

Check out the full project details on Kickstarter!