Vattu: the Sword & the Sacrament

Announcing our latest Kickstarter campaign, Vattu: The Sword and the Sacrament, by Evan Dahm! Here’s Evan’s own description of the project:

Vattu is an expansive fantasy adventure comic, and is the third graphic novel set in a world called Overside. Vattu is a girl from a nomadic society who is caught in the middle of a clash of cultures with a ruthless imperialistic civilization called Sahta. In the first two books, Vattu is taken from the idyllic grassland of the Fluters, and must find her way through a new world of zealous conquerors, and the many peoples incorporated into their Empire: mute, monstrous slave-soldiers from across the sea; chemist-priestesses who manufacture an addictive drug; and amphibian people who struggle for a foothold in the capital city of Sahta.

I’ve been publishing Vattu online since 2010; it’s the biggest project I’ve ever worked on. It’s the winner of a 2014 Ignatz Award. The first book is already in print, and it’ll be four books long when it’s done. The contents of book 2 are already finished (and online as a webcomic here), so this Kickstarter is to raise money to get it printed, AND to reprint the first book of Vattu, both in paperback and deluxe hardcover editions!

Rewards include both volumes of Vattu, signed bookplates, and Evan’s other books. Check out the Kickstarter!