Werewolves Versus!

At nearly 800 pages, this enormous book contains issues 1 through 5 of the previously digital-only anthology series WEREWOLVES VERSUS

In 2015, we decided there wasn’t enough good werewolf media in the world, and we came up with an idea to help solve that problem. We collected werewolf art, comics, short stories and essays from a diverse group of creators, all referencing a weird or fun theme, and then put it all together as a digital download that people could have for any price they wanted to pay. The result was our first issue, WEREWOLVES VERSUS: THE 1990s, and it was such a success (and so fun to make) that we just kept making them!

The most frequent request we’ve received from readers since starting the project has been “please make a print version”, and now it’s time to make that happen! Rather than printing each issue individually, which would quickly get out of control, we’re putting the first five issues into a single full-colour perfect-bound volume. Fans and newcomers to WEREWOLVES VERSUS will finally have a big beautiful physical artifact to represent all this good good werewolf content. This enormous lad is 9 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and a whopping 3 inches thick. That’s bigger than a dictionary!

Besides the book, rewards include a sticker pack, an enamel pin, a werewolf jaws bandana, and a print of the incredible cover art by John Keogh!

Check out Werewolves Versus on Kickstarter, now through August 16th! 

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