What is Make That Thing?

We’re part of TopatoCo, which has been producing and shipping webcomics merchandise since 2003. We’ve printed and shipped literally millions of packages to people all over the world. This is all we do.

We have a warehouse with a loading dock. We can receive pallets from any manufacturer and store them indefinitely. You never have to deal with it.

We have a network of vendors that we’ve used for all sorts of different products. We know who does good work, who gives the best prices, and how long it takes. We have designers and logistical staff on hand ready to help, so you don’ t have to handle every single thing yourself if you don’t want to.

We can seamlessly transition your product to our TopatoCo infrastructure for web sales after the campaign is over—so you can still sell your thing, and continue to make money from it, for as long as there are customers for it.

In our first 18 months of operation, we raised nearly $1.75 million in crowdfunding capital from over 30,000 individual backers. We know how to do this.