What We Want

We want to work with dedicated, creative people who have a product they want to crowdfund. We also work with people who recently completed a crowdfunding campaign, and who now need help getting rewards out to backers. Because each campaign involves a high amount of personal attention and attention to detail, we only take on a handful of projects at a time and only those that we think match up well with the kinds of things we know how to make – primarily comics, books, and games.

We don’t know how to make USB toasters or solar-powered flashlights, so we simply won’t take on Hardware, Design, Video Game, or Fashion projects. Other people are better at that than we are. However, if the rewards for your project are heavily weighted toward the following:

  • Printed materials (books, comics, posters)
  • Printed or embroidered apparel items (T-shirts, polos, neckties, aprons)
  • Novelties and baubles (stickers, patches, bookmarks, foam swords)
  • Other things that don’t involve inventing a new type of manufacturing apparatus

Then we might be a good fit.

(You can take a look at the things we sell at TopatoCo.com for an example of the things we make day in and day out).