Xylaria of the Cloud Forests of Ecuador

Presenting Make That Thing’s first-ever campaign to fund original scientific research!

The Xylaria of the Cloud Forests of Ecuador will be a beautiful hardcover guide to the identification and classification of the fungal genus Xylaria from the Ecuadorian cloud forests, one of the most biodiverse places on earth. It will include nearly 50 species of Xylaria and be fully illustrated with gorgeous, traditional botanical illustrations showing these fungi in their true glory. This will be the most significant taxonomic work on this group of fungi in almost a quarter of a century, and the first ever such work to be fully illustrated. It will be essential to anyone interested in tropical fungi, and anyone that loves traditional illustration.

This exciting campaign will fund the time and travel necessary to document these fungi. Rewards, besides the beautiful taxonomic guide, include a bandana illustrated with an exclusive Xylaria fungi paisley pattern, postcards featuring illustrations and photographs of Xylaria, and a t-shirt with Xylaria illustrations–the most fashionable way to cover yourself in fungi. Check out the campaign today, live on Kickstarter through July 22nd!